21 June 2011 @ 06:07 pm
Tomorrow is the day.
The judgment day.
My thesis presentation day.

Looks like I'm still alive and passed through whatever happened this last week.
I'm super busy. I hate being busy.
Nino, I'm sorry I can't make a proper present for your birthday.
I even delayed the timing for your birthday project video. And when I realized, the other subber had already released it.
But I really need to graduate this semester, or mom probably will throw away my arashi's collection.
She even said, "I bought you a laptop not for watching arashi all the time! It's for your study!"

Anyway, I don't know how everything will turn out to be, but I hope everything will be okay.
I'm gonna pray hard tonight.
My LJ friends, hope you could send me a prayer too.

I cried when I listened to nino's new solo. And still cried even after 20 times played it. Though I wasn't really sure for the 20th one whether because his beautiful solo or because my thesis deadline on monday. LOL
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27 April 2011 @ 04:06 pm
though you don't have any LJ I want to write for you
We've been knowing each other for such a long time already..
How many years? 10 years? wow.. almost as long as arashi formed
I got your message last night, "...we used to celebrate our bday together"
That made me teary.. We should gather on Nana's birthday next week! I need to ask her omiyage from australia. XD
She said she will just bring a plastic of australian air! WTH?!
Let's pray together, our plan works well and next year we can go to Japan together.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIENDS [ profile] dedevani [ profile] de_vani and Aprie!!
Good luck with your thesis okay, I pray for my own thesis too
To deva "Don't you ever forget Sho-chan though you're pretty much to kyuhyun now.. haha.."
And to Aprie, "don't forget Oh-chan or Cesie will take him from you XD"

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09 February 2011 @ 02:26 am
Wow, I can't believe it's my 99th entry..LOL

First of all.. I really want to watch the latest shiyagare TT__TT
I read the rating is very high. But I can't watch it now.
Secondly, happy birthday [ profile] mutimutimut though I late already. It becomes like a habit now. Sorry I have internet problem so I can't post this earlier.
Thirdly, I was watching the latest gantz stage greeting. Wow, the people outside was awesome!! There are so many people outside!! I saw there was a girl crying, I got teary after seeing her crying. Hahaha..

It's 2.30 am already in here, but I haven't slept yet.
I guess I won't be in campus today. I'll sleep all day..haha..

I've decided I will make a big project for nino's bday. I have to make it from now on because I believe I can't make it if I start only a week before his bday.

And for those who know this delusional girl in fb, actually I'm playing with her through my sister fb. I'm curious about her and want to know how crazy she is. Or maybe I could cure her and help her become more rational. Hahaha...

I spent so many time to play and fool around. TT__TT
I have to start my research soon..Time is ticking so fast.

Btw, I miss doing meme..if anyone has meme that I haven't done, please give it to me..hahaha..