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2012-12-18 07:13 pm
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Millionare Challenge

This one supposed to be posted in goodreads. But I can't quite keep up with my goodreads account. So I'll just gonna post it here. LOL

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2012-10-17 10:23 pm
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2012-05-09 04:15 pm
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Can't Move On

One week ago, on 2nd May, my dream for over 10 years, finally came true.
Watching Laruku concert is one of my dream since Junior high school. I just hope I don't need to take 10years to be able to watch arashi concert, they will be pretty old already haha xD
For Laruku 10 years or 5years doesn't really matter, cause they are rock band. But Arashi is an idol group, their stamina will be very different in 5years. I want to see them in their prime time *though it has passed already I guess*

Btw, I still can't move on from Laruku playlist. At first I put it in my phone cause I need to recall their songs, but after concert I couldn't stop listening concert setlist. I've gotten used to listen arashi songs after laruku, tho I thought their songs won't go well together. Hahaha...

Now I have two active fandoms yay!! Well, I only have two fandom since I'm into japanese culture.
Started with laruku, and got lured to arashi fandom

& I saw FD perf in Heyx3, you could see how Nino dragging his legs. Poor neen Q_Q

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2012-04-30 10:07 pm

Bye Bye My Lovely April

Before April ended, I want to post something, of course because April is my fave month in a year. It's my birthday month and my anniversary joining arashi fandom.
This year, I turn to 23 years old, and my third anniv in arashi fandom, will enter my fourth year! Still a long way to go.

My longest record being someone's fans is 10 years, being L'Arc~en~ciel fans.
And you know what?! My dream since junior school finally will come true, two days from now!!

When we still dreamt about it, we said, no matter what it takes, how much the ticket will be, we would definitely watching it! So pity, I could only manage to get regular ticket, VIP and Premium has been sold out first *cries* T^T and I'm blaming my work at that time! Why I have to be so busy that time?

Well, no matter the position, I'll be watching you, yes YOU LARUKU, LIVE! In Front of my eyes. Wait for me!! XD

Sorry, I will probably flailing about laruku again for some days, at least one more post, after concert post hehehe
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2012-01-25 08:47 pm

Obligatory post

I know there are so many sho's birthday post out there. This is just a sort of obligatory post I need to fulfill so I don't feel so guilty for not celebrating his birthday properly.

You life has just begun

Yesss, I posted one of my fave sakumiya gifs. I found this on tumblr, forgot who made this. If you happen to be the maker, please inform me so I can credit it :)
p.s I haven't found where to download this concert video, I'm sure this is AAA 2006 in Taiwan (?) Do you know where can I found this? Thanks in advance

Oh, and the other random news and unimportant. I finally got a job. Not a permanent one, but at least I can spend my time more wisely than just rolling on the bed, eating and sleeping. LOL
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2011-10-01 08:41 pm
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AU cms kill me!!!

Tell me who can resist the latest AU cms?! I made some gifs, well if you find [ profile] showjuro made gifs with Jun centered. You can expect me to made gifs nino-centered. Plus one Jun and one ohno actually.

I must be crazy to type this kind of things XD )
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2011-09-19 04:40 pm


Just some documentations from my GR and graduation day..
Btw, [ profile] showjuro must like my toga (what they call it? academic gown? graduation outfit? okay something like that)
cause it was combination of my faculty representative colour (purple) and my university representative colour (yellow), MATSUMIYA!! Haha

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2011-07-30 02:07 am
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Weird dream

This is why I never like sleeping earlier!
How can someone who sleep on 10.30 pm could possibly wake up in 2 am?
Yes, I'm here now.

I just had a dream. Somewhat felt so real.
In my dream, arashi is not existed and then I saw Sho and Meisa Kuroki were in starbucks, they were a newscaster in my dream setting.
Then they disappeared into another room, which lead to dance studio. In this dance studio, I could see Jun practicing dance moves. But it somehow like a PV cause he kept changing from 3D to animation. And then I woke up! LOL

Maybe this dream is an effect because I read [ profile] tsunderellasays (A Wish Gone Wrong) fic before sleeping.
What will happen if arashi never existed?

I should stop now and go back to sleep! ^^;;