11 June 2017 @ 09:38 am
AYH DVD and My New Height as Nino's Fan  
Have you watched AYH DVD? I mean, WOW!!! Both AYH and Japonism Show in Arena are a masterpiece. I just got my DVD this Thursday, but because I'm the type who can't endure spoilers, I've watched it since last weekend. Thanks to the generous uploaders.

I won't talk about AYH and Japonism, cause I know it'll be a very long post if I decided to write about it. I might as well just screenshots my tweets hahaha

Well, apparently I've reached a new height as Nino's fan or Arashi's fan. I went and bought the infamous Muji headband that Nino kept using in AYH Documentary.

I never think myself as a fan that will buy things that my idol use. Now, I've jumped the wagon hahaha. Partly, because this headband is useful in daily life and quite affordable for a commoner like me LOL, and I can buy it here in Indonesia (tho I couldn't get the slim one, it's sold out. Mine is a wide one). And partly because most of everyone in my timeline has bought it as well. I guess the hype is getting to me.

Aside from that headband, I'm in the middle of considering to buy this Nino's  jacket that he used during rehearsal

The color is so cute!! I love it. But I still can't find where to buy it and what brand this jacket is. Same as this Sho's shoes

I still don't know where to buy this LOL. But I love it. Can you notice I choose Sakumiya moment to screencap Sho's shoes? <3