17 October 2012 @ 10:23 pm

Wow, so long after my last post. Exactly 4 months. My last post was Nino's birthday.
Been MIA for a while. Having a little break with 嵐
Not that I got bored of them, really.
But there was one turning point in my life, and I don't think my life could be the same again.
What makes me sort of neglected them for a while?
One thing happened, involving another arashi's fans. I got turned off, suddenly feeling so bored. Bored to death, you know?
Not a pleasant feeling. Don't want to go back there again.
Trying to find something to do, but my life was all about arashi until that time. Then a friend of mine gave me this book. Some of you maybe know about this book, which becomes so popular recently, called Fifty Shades of Grey.
This books, despite all the negative comments and reviews, were charmed me. I got so sucked in it. Completely forgetting arashi. I spent a whole month to re-read this books over and over. Though I agreed with some reviews about how horrible the writing, I still love this Grey character. One month I mounted over Grey. Then I suddenly being brought to reading habit all over again. I keep reading all novels I could find. Another month without arashi again. Then I got sucked to hollywood world again, I marathoned all movies I could find. Ogling over hollywood actors. But I still downloading arashi's tv show. I'm a collector, you know.
I like to keep my collection up to date. Though I don't know when to watch them. I'm so busy with my new hobbies. Not really new cause I like reading since I was a kid but I neglected reading habit because I watched too many arashi's videos. LOL
There goes my routine now, reading novels, watching movies, downloading arashi, and watching it if I have time. Such a busy routine.

One thing I want to do, to be back full swing in fansubber world. But I got so easily distracted and these revived-hobbies just make me don't have that much of time. *sighs*

Current Mood: blah
Current Music: Matt Kearney - Here We Go
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