16 February 2012 @ 07:43 am
I'm currently working in an avian flu research. We have to stay on basecamp for 20 days.
Today will be the last day in field. The area is called Cijeruk. It's famous place with durian and dragon fruits as it specialties.
Yay! I like durian so much!
These last 19 days, I've met so many kind of people, a weird one or even a very kind one. A very rich one or a very poor one.
Not only the people that I interviewed, people inside my team are very varies and so many weird things happened.
This experience has given me a good laugh, good cry and of course lesson learned.
I'm gonna miss this team. After thinking and after experiencing it, maybe I'm suited for this kind of job. I don't like a boring office life. Like I've experienced during my internship. I like meeting different people everyday, learning how to handle different character of people. Travelling to different place everyday. I hope I could have a chance to participate in another research :)

Btw, during this research, I miss arashi so much. I can keep up with the news but can't download regular show.
I feel so alienated because of this. After I go back to Bekasi, I'll copy everything from [livejournal.com profile] yuetsuki
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