01 January 2012 @ 06:57 am
I didn't have any plan to make this post before. But seeing so many people in my friend page dedicated post for this memorable day, makes me want to write something. At least for this one year reflection and resolution for this dragon year.

So many things happened both in real life and in fandom life.
In real life, I finally finished my study and graduated this September. The process to my graduation was long and not easy.
I had to struggling hard to finish my thesis. But everything had a sweet ending. :)
Now I'm still struggling to find employment. It won't be easy but I know I can do it!
I hope I can find a job that I really love so I don't need to change job again and again.

Fandom life...

I wanted to insert arashi's image at first, but LJ failed me to do so :(

Last year I was indulged to Arashi to the fullest. I wouldn't want to know how many hours I spent my whole year with arashi. Probably I spent my year more with them even if you compare it to my thesis. LOL
So many things happened until I don't know where to start.
1. Gantz and Gantz PA --> awesome pieces! priceless nino in leather suit and thanks for introducing a new nino pairing. LOL yessssss NinoxYuri~
2. Waku waku gakkou --> Brilliant idea! I only have one wish. I hope they will make it to DVD cause I want to watch the VTR when Nino put heart beat rate machine to his body >.< (pervert fans always be pervert) haha
3. Training camp --> I know they wouldn't make the same thing again, but I love it. Hope they'll make it again someday!
4. BW Tour --> I only have one thing to say WHERE IS MY BW DVD ANNONCEMENT!!!!!
5. start being lazy, XD but in the end 嵐さんお疲れ様でした!この一年間本当に頑張ったね。私もいっぱい元気貰った。ありがとうございます。

Resolution for next year
1. Get a job
2. Saving money to watch arashi concert. I said this so many times but I'll definitely want to watch their concert live. No matter how many years it will take for me to save money :D

Well, I'm not that ambitious so that will be my biggest resolution of this year. It's so realistic right?
I hate making so many resolutions but then I can't fulfill them.

Lastly, this year too, I will help fandom as much as I can. Active to be fansubber again. I need to polish my timing and typesetting again. Let's make [livejournal.com profile] ao_no_michi alive again :) My family in this fandom!
Current Mood: sleepy
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