28 December 2011 @ 10:48 pm
Okay I know this is SUPER LATE but Happy Birthday Aiba!!! welcome to your last 20ish!!
And Merry Christmas for my LJ friends who celebrated it. :D

This post is totally unrelated to fandom.
Lately, I've been hooked to my past world again. What is it? Marching Band!

I've been off from MB's world for a year. This year I totally have no contact with MB until two months ago, my friend asked me to help her teaching cadets (new members). So I've been back and forth from Bekasi to Depok once a week. Once every two weeks if I feel like sleeping and lazy to go out from home.

Recently, (on 23 and 24 Dec to be exact) there was national competition for MB called GPMB. Our band didn't join it because we're preparing for another competition in Thailand July next year.
I came to watch it. It was a totally new experience for me, because for over 4 years I dedicated myself to MB, I never be a spectator. I always be either committe or the player.
Wow, I'm so happy to be a spectator because I can criticize the other Bands!! XD Plus there is no bias since my band didn't participate! *Okay maybe that's only for this year*

Btw, this is the irony. What took me from MB world is arashi. I quitted from MB because I want to know arashi better. *believe me, there is no time for yourself and arashi once you join MB* --> in my case
Now that I slowly come back to MB world *though not as part of the squad*, I hope I don't left arashi behind.

This is the band who rock this year GPMB!! BCK Duri!!! with their theme Harry Potter!
BCK Duri is under chevron company, so mostly who played there are chevron's employees' sons.
Though they are not the champion (only got 2nd place), but they entertained us better than the champion.

Current Mood: hungry
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