15 July 2011 @ 10:04 pm
I've done downloading all C no Arashi episode in three days.
Though I couldn't online on twitter at all. Geeez..
I don't know what's wrong with internet connection, it won't let me open twitter if I'm in the middle of downloading.
Now, I'm marathoning CnA!! haha...

And yessss for this evening MS!!!!
They're all handsomeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

I hate nino's hair though.. I like his short hair, but why he needs to use that much hair wax (whatever it called..) uugh..
and everyone looks like losing some weight. I could see their cheek bones!! XD Sho-chan is very ikemen..

Oh, and the talk is very amusing!!
Finally I got the answer of my very very very old question about nino's 20th birthday song.
Since I watched iza (right?) and I knew they make A-friends and made song everytime a member turned 20th, I kept wondering, did nino get bday song too since he's the one who made the song.
And I got the answer today on MS. Hahaha.... Poor him

Correction, I'm not very fond of some the effects in the perf..
I really think there is something wrong with my eyes when the perf started cause it was blur so much.. :/
And they even put effects on 'to the top' parts.. part that I love the most!! Noooo...
Current Mood: cold
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