07 July 2011 @ 02:19 pm
Hmm.. I just feel like an obligation to review their new album..
oh yess... our lovely New album from arashi! "Beautiful World"
It's indeed beautiful!
Here is my biased review haha XD

First of all
Rank of Solo
1. Nino - どこにでもある唄 : I like so much! I mean really MUCH! The best solo he ever made (in my opinion). But I'm wondering why he used kanji 唄 for uta (song) and not using kanji 歌. Anyone can explain it to me? What's the different of this two kanjis?
2. Oh-chan - Hung up on : Hmm... I like it, and there is Sho's voices too!! XD
3. Jun - Shake it! : Okay, this is unexpected since I never like his solo. Mostly because of his voice of course.. But this time I try to ignore his voice. Well, I like it.. Such a catchy song!! XD
4. Sho - このままもっと : Most of my fellow fangirls really LOVE this song. Maybe because of the lyrics. But I'm soooo audio person and for me his solo is just so-so. I love him singing T.A.B.O.O or hip hop boogie type of songs.. (Well, this is my preferences)
5. Aiba - 「じゃなくて」 : Hmm.. the music is pretty fun.. But I don't know I never like his solo too. Just like Jun's. 

The last album when I just listened to the album, my solo rank is 1. Ohno, 2. Sho 3. Nino and I didn't want to put Jun and Aiba's songs to my playlist. But after watching concert, it changed to 1. Ohno, Nino 2. Sho 3. Aiba 4. Jun.
Haha. So most probably solo rank for BW album will change too after concert. LOL

Rank of New Songs

1. まだ見ぬ世界へ : I hate this song at first! Seriously. But after a week listening to it. Suddenly it won't get out from my head. Now I really like it. (Lesson learned : Don't hate something or you'll be madly in love with it) Plus it has PV! <3 And I love the PV too! Madaminu becomes their PV that I watch more than 50 times after Lutas. LOL
2. 虹のカケラ ~no rain, no rainbow~ : The music is very very very rich with so many different kind of instruments! there are fiddle and tin whistle (sound like the corrs songs haha), koto and wind chimes too!! I miss wind chimes.. I often played it when I was still in marching band.
3. Negai : I love the string and the part "夜空を見上げてる、君も僕も。。" Love it, love it!
4. Joy : I've already love this song when I watched gashuku. No words for this.. <3
5. Morning light : I like this kind of music a lot.. and I love ohno's "Wowow oh wow........" hahaha XD That is one reason why I keep listen to morning light LOL
6. 遠くまで : This song also stuck on my head I dunno why. Such a nice song.. :3
7. Rock this : What a tricky opening right? LOL Not really like this song, but I like arashi rap part!!
8. Always : Actually it has a nice chorus, but again because Jun opens this song, hmm... I can't say anything..

Yeah that's it. Again, this is biased review, and Jun ichibanners don't hate me, cause I rank "always" in last place just because his voice is the opening..
I love BW and I still love BNMF too!!
So, how is your rank?


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