19 May 2011 @ 09:43 pm
I'm lazy to post but since everyone doing it, why not?

Let's share all this good news!! *dancing in glories and joys*
I couldn't sleep last night, when I saw the tweets about arashi beautiful world tour schedule...
And I screamed like crazy in twitter.. haha..

I will say arashi really attacking their fans this month.
They made fans all over the world in panic and frantic states.
1st --> info about their DOME DVD and NEW ALBUM 'BEAUTIFUL WORLD' release only in 1 month span. (I believe j-storm is crazy)
2nd --> info about the charity event, their BW tour and Nippon no arashi
BROKE?! yes we're ALL BROKE! but we're happy :3

is it only me? but I think Nino is being bullied more often in VSA nowadays. At least in these last four episodes..
And I wish he could change his permed hair to straight hair again soon..

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