27 April 2011 @ 04:06 pm
though you don't have any LJ I want to write for you
We've been knowing each other for such a long time already..
How many years? 10 years? wow.. almost as long as arashi formed
I got your message last night, "...we used to celebrate our bday together"
That made me teary.. We should gather on Nana's birthday next week! I need to ask her omiyage from australia. XD
She said she will just bring a plastic of australian air! WTH?!
Let's pray together, our plan works well and next year we can go to Japan together.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIENDS [livejournal.com profile] dedevani [livejournal.com profile] de_vani and Aprie!!
Good luck with your thesis okay, I pray for my own thesis too
To deva "Don't you ever forget Sho-chan though you're pretty much to kyuhyun now.. haha.."
And to Aprie, "don't forget Oh-chan or Cesie will take him from you XD"

I want to write it once again. To everyone..
Thank you for wishing me birthday!! thanks [livejournal.com profile] arisa_draconis for the virtual gift and thank you [livejournal.com profile] ninotan for your bday gift. XD
Juu even made one post for my birthday..
I'm more than happy to have such a very nice friends both in real life and in virtual life.
Eventhough my birthday was pretty gloomy and I didn't do any celebration at all.
I'm happy everyone still remember my birthday in such a mourning day. XD

Update about my RL
I haven't started anything regarding my undergraduate thesis.
The good news is I finally got place for my research! XD
After a long three months journey. I couldn't find any TV to work with. So I changed my subject to bus driver :(
I don't really like it actually. I still want my previous theme!!! But I guess, it's a little bit impossible with the amount of time I have in my hand now.
And that makes me remember something..
These last few days [livejournal.com profile] yuetsuki scolded me because I kept on timing and doing the other fandom stuff instead of my thesis.
So I told her, "Don't worry. I'll take a REAL hiatus after I got the place." Hahaha..
Apparently the time has come. But I'm enjoying fansubbing activities, but but but...
I need to have a better self-control..
I don't know what will happen for the last two months I have.
All I have to do is DOING the best I can!

I couldn't online for sometimes.. and I have to catch up with all gantz promos!!
OMG NINO!! You make me work all day long!!
Hope I didn't miss anything.
Tyta must think I'm crazy for collecting news..
And my gantz promo folder has become very large now.. *squeezing nino*

Oh, I was going to Obake yashiki (haunting house) this afternoon.
GOSSSHHHH... that was just horrible! They didn't let us to even breath!
I didn't scared because of their appearance but I was scared because they were trying to grab you hand or you legs.. shocku
So I was running and jumping LOL.. and almost wrecking all the haunting house's set..
Current Mood: lazy
Current Location: library
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