08 October 2010 @ 06:20 pm
Wagaya no Rekishi  
Okay..it's been a while since my last entry T__T *I hate being busy*
what I want to write??? I forgot LOL

Oh, it's about wagaya no rekishi. I REALLY LOVE THIS STORY!!


I like masako and onizuka taizo's story..
Last night i watched it, and crying so hard when onizuka died. But because I felt so sleepy *3 o clock in the morning* so I shut my laptop down.
Then, in campus I had no intention to watch it, but because the internet connection was down because of thunder, and I couldn't go home either, so I decided to continue watching WnR in student room XD
Luckyly, there were only three person inside student room and they didn't really pay attention to me or I would be very ashamed because I started crying again when minoru being bullied and he asked masako why he used his mother surname not his father's. And when masami ah, i failed remembering her character name fell sick and then yoshio came and said "I'll be with you forever"
My friend who watched it with me, looked at me and she saw my watery eyes and started teasing me. LOL.
hahaha..I can be too emotional sometimes. XDD
and my other friend who watched it the next day said she was crying when their father died..LOL
I hate their father that's why i didn't cry

I got alot in my mind but I forget what I want to write..hahaha *failed for the second time*

Aaaah, about dear snow!!! I REALLY LOVE  this soooong!!!!! I like the arransement soooo much!!!
I can't portray how much I LOOOOVEEEE this song!! I keep repeat it over and over!!
And I love the making photos gallery more than the PV itself..haha