12 January 2011 @ 12:58 am
midnight call  
Oh...first entry on 2011...

After 12 days..

And I'm sure this will be a long entry

I have sort of blank out time for almost two weeks..firstly because I dropped dead tired and sick after my biggest event for 2010.
Grand prix marching band XXVI that was held on 26-27 December. And the result is so amazing, we got first place and from so many captions we got first place for more than half of it!!! Yay!! otsukare sama deshita!~

And second reason, because of my own foolness.  When I was trying to connect the internet in my home. For some reason it won't connect.
I thought there is something wrong with my internet provider. I was trying for more than a week and there was no good result at all. So I tried to face reality, can't meet internet until holidays over. But [livejournal.com profile] yuetsuki planned to go to my home. So I asked her to bring her modem.
And when I used her modem, though the signal was full but it coudn't connect. It couldn't open any single site at all. And then suddenly I remember...
How can I forgot to change my internet proxy?!!!!!!

Huff~ It really took my almost two weeks to figure it out. But it's pointless now. Because my modem is expired and I don't have money to recharge it because I've spend all my money to concert dvd and arashi gathering...
Fortunately, I started my private tutor job again next week. Yay!! Nice escape!

I'm on holiday now. Short holiday actually. Only one month. Until February. But since I won't have a good connection. So no subbing activities until February unless I already have the raw.
Any planning for holiday? No I don't have. I supposed to think about my proposal but it won't progress much if I can't go to my campus library or search in journal.
All I do everyday is sleeping, eating, watching arashi, eating, playing minesweeper, eating, sleeping... and so on...
Hahahaha.. *hopeless*

And I'm still viewing back all LJ entries..It will reached 1000 entries soon..hahaha
But it's time to sleep anyway..
I still have tons in my mind but but but.....
Well, next time maybe. I want to have my own favorite ranking of last year HNA, VSA and Shiyagare and on and on...
And I still haven't had any chance to make a good banner. TT__TT I've made two or three banner but haven't statisfied enough..

Another update..though I only spend 3 months again in my campus but I decided to move out from my current hostel. With no particular reason. Just because my friend asked me to accompany her. Totally can't refuse.

Last thing that I should do no matter what...

2011 GOALS

1. Graduation on this semester. Can I get cum laude with my current GPA? T__T
2. Get my driving license!! For real!!
3. More quality time with my family
4. New HDD 1 or 2 tera
5. Get job as soon as possible
6. Saving. Aiming for Japan next year.
7. Cooking.

to my f-list..sorry I neglected you... TT__TT

Oh, I forgot. I have to memorize all song in koku setlist for arashi gathering on 29 January and 5 February!!! we're going to have some fun!!! Yay!!
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