01 December 2010 @ 06:59 pm
Just how could cute he want to be?  
It's been a long time since I posted my fangirling entries..huhu..

So now I want to talk about into the G..hahaha
Hey, just how cute he want to be??
wearing leather suit with a birthday cake hat on his head?? Hahaha..
But he looks so cute, really!!

And I want to eat his hand made cake!!!!
I feel so ashamed as a woman I can't even make a cake myself :(
Yet he could make such a beautiful cake *envy macchan*

And who agree with me that nino and macchan is look alike??
I always think they're similar..

Raise your hand if you like relationship between these two!!
I'm such an indecisive kid, when ohoku out I love nino and kou-chan, and now I love nino and yuriko..gyahahaha

another update about my RL.
Finally after 3 months..
I cut my hair

Wow..I just realize that I have really short hair now..haha
But I like it.

Need some refreshing after class, 2 session of industrial ventilation. I want to blow up my head!!!
Tomorrow 2 session again for the same subject...huhuhu..
I want to cry if I could. Next time I will post my notes about this subject. T____T
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